Frequently Asked Questions

Where do the residents come from?

Most of Bethany’s residents come from the Women’s Resource Center, Racine’s emergency shelter for victims of domestic violence. They may also come from Racine or Kenosha’s homeless shelters. All residents must be homeless and victims of domestic abuse. The Executive Director meets with all applicants, who also fill out questionnaire and go through an interview process.


How is Bethany supported?

Bethany Apartments, a program of Catherine Marian Housing, Inc., is sponsored by the Sisters of St. Dominic (Racine, Wisconsin) and Franciscan Ministries, Inc. (Wheaton, Illinois). Bethany Apartments is also a United Way of Racine County Partner Provider. It is further supported by grants, donations and the services of volunteers.


Do the residents of Bethany work?

Bethany’s residents are employed or gaining skills that will result in self-sufficiency. If a resident enters Bethany Apartments without a job, she will receive counseling and support towards employment. This may include financial assistance (if it is available), help with financial aid forms and one-on-one counseling. Employment is crucial to Bethany’s program.


How much is rent?

Rent is calculated through a formula that takes market rate, income and family size into account. Donations and government assistance help bridge the gap between what a resident can pay and the actual worth of the apartment.

I read that the apartments are furnished. Who maintains them?

Residents are responsible for their apartments' upkeep and monthly inspections guarantee that they are maintained in a clean and habitable manner. Housekeeping issues are addressed when necessary and residents not in compliance are issued an Apartment Cleaning and Inspection Contract.

The public areas of the building are maintained by staff and volunteers. Volunteers also assist with painting and cleaning in the apartments, in the common areas and on the building grounds. Professionals maintain the mechanical equipment throughout the building.


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