Bethany Appartments Success Stories

Ordinarily, the women and families who come to Bethany arrive after a short stay at the Women's Resource Center, an emergency shelter for women and children who have suffered domestic abuse, or from HALO, the local homeless shelter. Other women are referred by clergy or by agencies working with this population. Most of the women who come to Bethany Apartments lack the psychological and financial resources needed to break away from their lives of abuse. Bethany gives them the necessary skills, resources and opportunities that enable them to make positive changes in their lives. The road ahead for them is difficult and full of challenges. The following stories, however, give testimony to their courage and capacity to improve their own lives and those of their children.

Letter from a current Bethany client

Dear Bethany Associates,

I am writing to let all of you know just what the Bethany program means to me and my children. It is extremely easy to allow depression to set in and take over at this very difficult time of our lives. The other most important emotion we have to deal with is fear. Fear of the unknown, of what our future holds for us and if we can make it or not. Many times I have questioned whether I will be able to make it or not since I came to stay at Bethany.

The constant support and generosity of everyone involved with the Bethany program is invaluable. Financially helping with certain bills and getting things from the pantry periodically has allowed me to get many bills paid off and provide simple things like meat and fresh fruit for my children and me. Donated items now hold a special place in our apartment and in our hearts. Groups and meetings are incredible for helping keep spirits up, and for teaching us the tools we will need to get better and be strong individuals when we return to the outside world.

Bethany is not only a safe home, we are our own small community working together for the improvement of all. We have been blessed to be welcomed into the Bethany Community and I feel that no matter how hard I try I will never be able to thank you all enough. I am truly happy for the first time in over 15 years, and that makes my children very happy, also. So I would just like to say again, THANK YOU ALL for everything you do for us. This includes the staff, all of the speakers, the SCJ Volunteers and all of the board members too. THANK YOU AGAIN!


Testimonies of Former Residents

I was abused and homeless with two children. A counselor at the shelter recommended I apply to live at Bethany Apartments. So I showed up at Bethany's door with two children, two black eyes, no money and no hope for the future.

Bethany took me in, gave me a safe place to live, allowed me to participate in their groups and helped begin to rebuild my self-esteem. Soon, I felt good enough to rejoin the workforce and got a job as a Computer Consulting Assistant. Bethany helped out with day care and transportation so I could gain that experience. I discovered the career I wish to pursue, and began looking into going back to school. 

I realize that many who come to Bethany return to their lives of abuse, be it domestic abuse or self-abuse in the form of drug use. But for those of us who get out of that cycle and are able to remold our lives to be happy and fulfilling, we will be forever grateful and in your debt. Now the only tears I cry are those of gratitude and happiness that there are still people out there who care enough to help someone they've never met and don't know.


It was a pleasure being a part of Bethany Apartments and learning new ways to solve situations with a positive outcome. I can truly say that I am continuously becoming a better parent because of the training that I have received. My life was a constant mind struggle, but due to the proper guidance and encouragement, I can see things clearer and I am better aware of situations that can cause a negative outcome. 

The Bethany Apartments program is one that I have truly learned from and can applaud all its efforts. They have helped me to become more self-sufficient, and more responsible as a mother and a worker.


I came to Bethany as a young single mother yearning for stability and structure. I came with the desire to protect my child from a violent home environment. While at Bethany I obtained my GED and began working on my career path in social work. I am now employed as a Mental Health Technician, believing in and encouraging others to overlook the negatives and indulge on the positive, just as Bethany encouraged me.


As I finished packing my things to leave Bethany, I looked back and was sad and scared to go, yet happy and grateful. I felt so safe at Bethany; my girls and I have grown so much. I am a new woman, a better woman. . .helping me find the good in me, the real me. . .Please pray that the Lord will give me strength and courage to follow my dreams as I continue school to become a registered nurse.


I am a former resident of Bethany Apartments and lived there for a little over a year. When I came there, I had nothing. I was spiritually, financially and mentally bankrupt. Most of all, I had no hope. From the moment I arrived, I felt safe. With help from the staff, I have been able to start a new job in a different city, purchase a vehicle, get a phone (in my own name) and start a new life. I have since relocated to a nearby city and I can’t tell you what a blessing Bethany has been to me. I could not have done it without them. They have given me what I could not give myself – hope. I thank God for what they have done for me and for countless others. Keep up the good work, Bethany! Thank you.

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